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Butterfly Snacks is a family run business and was researched, developed and founded in the North West in 2004. We came into existence after my sister was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. The difficulties we faced finding suitable products that tasted good but didn't break the bank highlighted the need for these types of products and the need for more choice for people who have these dietary requirements.
When 800 coeliac patients were monitored the results amazed the dieticians because she was the only patient of 800 observed who actually gained weight and was enjoying a normal healthy lifestyle. My family made a decision that we would all eats the same food so my sister would not feel left out. Through trial and error in the kitchen Butterfly Snacks award winning range of gluten free foods such as samosas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, burgers and roti's were born. Now she can enjoy the same foods with the rest of our family and friends everyday without compromising taste or feeling left out.
The reason why our gluten free products are award winning is they are the first of this kind to be manufactured to the open market. Our research has shown there are 1 in 100 people who are Coeliac, so as you are reading this right now, there will be a person you know who is or would benefit from being on a gluten free diet.
Our product range and selection includes a wide array of delicious gluten and wheat free snacks, pastas, convenience and prepared meals with much more to come. Now, great foods for special diets are more accessible than ever!